How It's Made and How It's Priced

Dear Customers, Friends and Family,

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At H & P Greetings, delivering with  heart,  generosity, and quality products to our customers is important to us.“High quality wall art for affordable prices". H & P Greetings has included the shipping rates in the price with few exceptions.

A-Let's begin w/ Greeting Cards. H&P Greetings has selected to partner with: for greeting cards and 2- for canvas prints.

H & P Greetings is able to feature "Fine Art Linen" or  "Smooth White Linen" quality print on greeting cards printed by "" on 5 x 7" card sizes priced at  $4.99. 

The Flat shipping rate at is $2.50 for a single card. H&P Greetings is not able to waive the fee, but will not charge anymore than the flat shipping rate it has to pay in order to complete your order. To include the shipping rate in your order, H & P has provided the 5 pack greeting card option as an alternate choice.

There are multiple other paper quality type choices to draw from that are available for print for the paper connoisseurs. Pascale Dellefield favors drawing on smaller to medium paper and her work is well reproduced on  5 x 7" cards made available by The cards do turn out bright in color and small in dimensions with deeply heartfelt words, and soft in texture.

Customers may request other sizes by contacting to determine if your request can be met, this may or may not be processed through the same manufacturers, meaning

 depending on the request and availability.

B-About Canvas Prints/ H & P Greetings has selected to partner with 

As posted on website with H&P Greetings modifications:

If you are looking for a Museum quality Custom canvas print, A professional look and feel, the print for the artistic eye? This is what H&P Greetings will deliver when our customer  selects : Giclee Gloss Canvas /Priced at H&P Greetings  12 X 8" at $79.99" & 12 X 18" at $99.99" “High quality wall art for affordable prices"

Enclosed with each canvas order is a certificate of authenticity of Giclee Print & a carefully packaged Canvas Ready to hang on your wall. 

Below is text copied (in italics) from  with the permission of Joshua Mclure it's founder. Some of the text has been shortened or modified by H&P Greetings to reflect H & P Greetings' participation.

"The canvas prints delivered by H & P Greetings and manufactured/printed are designed to last over 100 years. They are strong and durable products that withstand environmental factors. The UltraChrome HD inks have a wide, rich color gamut range ensuring that  match the exact color fidelity of the original. The inks are sprayed “hence the giclee application” upon canvas with extreme detail and vibrance creating a stunningly sharp image. The inks and canvas are water resistant and UV protected. The print can hang in direct sunlight and will remain fade resistant and as beautiful as it was the day it was printed. Because the canvas is water resistant you can also maintain the print by taking a damp cloth to the surface to remove dust. The wood used to create the stretcher bars for your prints are also of the highest quality. They are made from poplar trees which have extreme strength and stability, thus making the frame sturdy. The grain is straight and fine making it manipulable for uniform straight cuts when building custom frames. When top quality materials go into the production of a canvas print, the result is a fine work of art which we pride ourselves with at with whom H & P Greetings is proud to partner with to deliver her customers with and excellent product with certificate of authentic giclee print.

Stretcher Bar Size for your Custom Canvas Prints

Canvas is stretched tightly over the edges of a sturdy, wooden stretched bar frame. You may chose a thickness of 1.5 inch or 0.75 inch stretcher bar. With stretcher bars, you no longer need to frame the print. Your finished canvas print will be shipped ready to hang. No need to spend time and money searching for a custom frame to match the print and your interior. H&P Greetings makes the 0.75 inch available. Other options such as 1.5 is available upon request. Please e-mail special requests to H & P Greetings for price quotes.

Canvas Print Image Wrap
Mirrored Edges – the image is mirrored to edges with no portion lost from the face of the print to create a more continuous and dimensional look--H&P Greetings canvas delivers Mirrored Edges.

Other options available for how to print on the edges of your canvas upon request:

Black, White or Colored Edges – a solid color is added to the edges creating the illusion of a frame

For the above quality print: Once a high resolution digital file of your artwork is created, it is archived on our secured database at  not on a public server. Your digital files are safe with us and will be accessed only to print repeat orders for you.

Tips for packing and shipping your original artwork-


Wrap the painting in foam or bubble wrap
Take extra care by cutting plenty of bubble wrap to fit over the corners
Slip the wrapped painting inside a clear bag
Use cardboard as padding and place a piece over the face of the canvas
When packaging multiple paintings, be sure to set the prints face-to-face or back-to-back
Place inside a sturdy cardboard box that is roughly the size of the painting
FedEx, UPS and Mailbox Express provide packaging service
Be sure to include a FRAGILE sticker on the box
Purchase insurance on the shipment

Beware of Steep Discounts: You may have come across several online canvas printing companies who offer steep discounts going as high as 85 percent off. The only way to offer these discounts is to increase the base price and slash it back down. Steep discounts also do not guarantee a quality product so when searching for a printing company be sure to search for information on why their quality and service exceeds others and then compare pricing. Remember the old adage which truly pertains to this industry “you get what you pay for”."

H & P Greetings will integrate additional inventory to include rolled prints that can make great gifts as well. If you have any questions about pricing, custom orders please contact


With Heart and Gratitude

H & P Greetings

Pascale Dellefield