H & P Greetings: Greeting Cards

Health & Peace Greetings, DBA H & P Greetings, was founded January 8, 2014 by Pascale Dellefield, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist/ Author/ Artist/and illustrator.   Bio: Pascale was born in Beirut Lebanon. Pascale was raised in Beirut at a very young age and lived through a troubled time of war in Lebanon. Pascale moved with her family to France at the age of 11 and came to the USA at the age of 12. Pascale is married to Ken Dellefield, Ph.D. She now lives in San Diego, CA her home. Pascale has a deep appreciation for peace and a healthy world, a precious endowment from her life experience and The Essence of H&P Greetings
With Heart and Gratitude 
H & P Greetings
Pascale Dellefield