Braveheart, Tips The Scales of Wisdom (Tile Stand)

Braveheart, Tips The Scales of Wisdom (Tile Stand)

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Ceramic Tiles | Ceramic Tiles | Tile - Single 4x4 | Includes Tile Stand

Virtuous Ceramic Tile Memento

Quoted and interpreted from the book

"Being With Heart: How to Thrive in Life With a Tender Heart"

"When your burden feels heavy and
Your heart feels too small to carry it,
Remember the crown on your head
Is a cake adorned with birthday candles,
That celebrate your age and wisdom
Lit from the love  in your heart
That lights the candles on
The crown you bear on your head
To acknowledge each birthday
As yet another rite of passage
That you've overcome and celebrate
Year after year."

Written and illustrated, by Pascale Dellefield