Bridge The Gap of Space and Time (Tile Stand)

Bridge The Gap of Space and Time (Tile Stand)

$ 19.50

Ceramic Tiles | Ceramic Tiles | Tile - Single 4x4 | Includes Tile Stand

Virtuous Ceramic Tile Memento

Quoted and interpreted from the book

"Being With Heart: How to Thrive in Life With a Tender Heart"

"Earth belongs to no one and everyone

When you feel uprooted 

Bridge the "Gaps of Differences"

The gap between our borders 

The generation gap

And all gaps that set us apart 

Like a seed dispersed by the wind

Migrate like the birds in the skies,

And like a pair of doves

Find a place to make a nest for a season 

Plant roots in the earth that will bloom into flowers 

And also grow into trees

That will  bear the fruits of your love

By the light of the sun and the moon"

Written and illustrated, by Pascale Dellefield